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The Invisible Detective Stories by Justin Richards could be considered reading for
KS2 years 5 or 6 and linked to the Literacy Strategy, using the provided worksheets as follows: Year 5 - Literary Strategy for Term 1 includes novels and stories by significant Children’s writers.
Text Level Work & Reading Comprehension Children should be taught to investigate how characters are presented referring to the text. • Through dialogue, action and descriptions • How the reader responds to them (as victims, heroes etc..) • Through examining their relationships with other characters Use work sheet 1 See work sheet 2 Writing Composition 15 To write new scenes or characters into a story, in the manner of the writer,
maintaining consistency of character and style. Use work sheet 1 See work sheet 2 Set work for writing a chapter in a new Invisible Detective Novel Year 6 – Literacy Strategy Term 2 Text level Work Fiction can include novels from more than one genre e.g. mystery, science fiction,
historical and fantasy worlds.
Reading Comprehension Pupils should be taught to understand aspects of narrative structure – • How chapters in a book are linked together • How authors handle time e.g. flash backs, stories within stories etc. • How the passing of time is conveyed to the reader See work sheet 3 Writing Composition 10, 11 &12 • To use different genre as models to write e.g a short extract or alternative outcomes/ endings • To write own story using e.g flash backs or a story within a story to convey the passing of time • To study in depth one genre and produce an extended piece of similar writing Use work sheets 2 and 3 and set work for writing a new Invisible Detective story