The Author
Reaction to the Invisible Detective

"Sinister paranormal action and cliffhanger chapters which bristle along make this a refreshing and enthralling read. This book [Web of Anubis] reads like Conan Doyle taking the Famous Five to meet Dr Who and Indiana Jones."
Books for Keeps, November 2004

"I'm a fan of The Invisible Detective. To be honest, I didn't think anyone was writing books like this any more, but I'm glad Justin Richards is because I thought it all extremely enjoyable: plucky kids, unlikely villains, friendly aristocrats, some really shuddery moments, cliff-hanging chapter endings and a foggy London setting. The Paranormal Puppet Show took me back to the books I enjoyed as a thirteen-year-old. It's an eccentric and engaging mix of Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes."
Anthony Horowitz

"Brilliantly inventive and thrilling detective stories... Incredible adventures, fast-paced storylines and nail-biting conclusions suggest that The Invisible Detective will soon be a hit with children everywhere."
Red House Books

"Justin Richards's Invisible Detective series promises to be that utterly worthwhile thing, a series of books that keeps its young readers on the edge of their seats as they read each volume, and then has them jumping up and down in frustration until the next one appears. While well-intentioned didactic novels moulder on the shelves of children's libraries, I suspect that the Invisible Detective books will be hopping off shelves on word-of-mouth recommendation alone. Though the storytelling is indisputably modern, the books are well-crafted, gripping and exciting in a way remeniscent of classic children's adventure stories of an earlier age; and while Richards shows a healthy respect for young intelligence, he still - consistently, and with every sign of enjoying the hell out of it himself - manages to pull off perhaps the most difficult trick in any literature - to leave his reader bursting to know what happens next!"
Gerard Whelan

'Exciting and enthralling'
Kevin Unitt in The Warwick Gazette
(relates to Web of Anubis)

'I relish Justin Richards's confection of tasty ingredients... There is a deserted factory, coffins, grave robbers, sinister foreigners, tombs and secret places, seething masses of primeval spiders, and a pact with the gods worthy of Faust or Don Juan...'
Jack Reedy in The Stratford Herald.
(relates to Web of Anubis)

' entertaining book'
The Hindu, India
(relates to Shadow Beast)

Drawing by Richard Frankland

"...a wonderful series that has reinvented the detective genre for children. With its time travel twist, these stories are well-crafted tales involving page-turning fiction. Exciting, gripping and thought-provoking, these books will inspire a life-long love of reading."
Teaching and Learning, September 2004

"It's refreshing to come across...Justin Richards's 1930s-based Invisible Detective series... Think Famous Five meets The X-Files."
Andrea Henry in the Daily Mirror, 28/8/03