The Author


Killing Time

The Invisible Detective’s fourth exciting investigation
Publication Date: 2nd October 2003

A Mysterious Shipwreck
Cornwall, today: : Arthur Drake at last has some time to think about the Invisible Detective – and a past life that seems somehow linked to his own. But then he meets the ghosts of sailors shipwrecked over a century ago, and together with his new friend, he just has to investigate…

London, 1936: : Whatever your problem, the Invisible Detective can find the answer. But no one suspects that he’s just a front for four children who solve crimes and mysteries in his name…

A pocket watch that seems to rewind time itself leads the children to investigate a strange clock shop. What is wrong with the shop’s customer’s? Why is Roderick Bartlett so interested in Meg – and where has she gone? How are events linked to a shipwreck in Cornwall? It is up to the Invisible Detective to find out…

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