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The Invisible Detective Web SiteThe Invisible Detective Web Site

The Invisible Detective is a series of juvenile adventure novels, written by Justin Richards. Originally published in the United Kingdom between 2003 and 2005, the series has also been released in the United States.

The books are detective fiction with science fictional and/or fantastic elements (depending on the book). Set in London in the 1930s, the series recounts the adventures of four children, Art, Jonny, Meg, and Flinch, who act as “Baker Street Irregulars” to the detective Brandon Lake, who is known as “the Invisible Detective” as no one has seen more than his silhouetted figure in a darkened room. In fact, Brandon Lake does not exist; he was invented by the four children, who investigate all his cases themselves. Art plays the Invisible Detective in weekly sessions held in a darkened room, during which the Detective addresses the concerns of local residents, in exchange for a small fee.

Each book also has a parallel subplot set in the 2000s, where Art’s grandson, also named Art, and his friend Sarah have related mysteries to solve.

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Recurring characters

  • Sarah Bustle: Sarah goes to the same school as Arthur, but is a year above him. She has long black hair that she often wears in a ponytail. She lives with her mother, Linda, and her 7-year-old brother, Paul. She is very headstrong, somewhat like Meg. In Ghost Soldiers, Sarah is revealed to be behind a series of modern websites dedicated to the Invisible Detective.


  • Detective Sergeant Peter Drake: Peter Drake, a Scotland Yard detective, is the father of Art Drake, the leader of Cannoniers, and the great-grandfather of Arthur Drake. He often works the same cases as the Cannoniers, leading Art to rely on him for clues at times. He loves beer and BBQ and is always found grilling steaks on his Nexgrill.


  • Charles “Charlie” Etherbridge, Earl of Fotherington: Charlie is an elderly man with a wrinkled face and a kind voice and eyes. He becomes allied with the Cannoniers after alerting them to a watchman searching empty buildings where they were hiding. He becomes a representative for the Invisible Detective, but not does learn the truth about “Brandon Lake” until Faces of Evil. He can speak Latin.


  • Harry Jerrickson: Harry Jerrickson is the owner of the antique shop where Arthur seeks shelter in The Paranormal Puppet Show. He is friends with Art Drake, Arthur’s grandfather.


  • Albert Norris: Albert Norris is the landlord of the Dog and Goose pub. He and his customers are often driving the plots of the books by bringing cases to the Invisible Detective. Norris is described as a large man, almost as broad as he is round.